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Shoes and boots for sailors and water sports

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Shoes & Boots

Shoes & boots: There is nothing worse than wet feet! Especially on board - wet and cold feet without adequate Shoes & boots could ruin a peaceful and relaxing sailing trip. This doesn't have to happen: treat yourself to suitable Shoes & boots to match your ambitions and needs on the water.


Non-slip Shoes & boots, such as deck shoes for sporting sailing trips, fashionable sailing Shoes & boots for going onshore, or extremely warm, breathable and waterproof Shoes & boots, such as sea boots for working on board a cruising yacht - find whatever you are looking for in the boatoon.com online shop. We have a wide selection of footwear in all sizes and prices ranges from well-known brands. You can protect your feet and focus on the challenges of the sea.


You can also find Sailing Clothing, Functional Clothing and Bags in the boatoon.com online shop.