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Oilskin / functional clothing for sailors and water sports

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Functional Clothing

Functional clothing: amateur sailors, professionals, children and teenagers - all types of water sports enthusiasts are exposed to the natural forces of the wind, waves, weather and water on the sea or lake and rely on suitable functional clothing. Water sports enthusiasts must be fully equipped with functional clothing in order to adequately adapt to the natural conditions.

Functional clothing for you


You can find a wide selection of breathable, waterproof and wind-proof  functional clothing from well-known brands in all sizes and price ranges in the boatoon.com online shop. From oilskins to waterproof shorts and sailing spray tops. You can protect yourself with functional clothing and focus on the challenges of the sea. 


Sailors wear weatherproof outerwear, which protects them from wind and rain. Functional clothing was originally made from canvas, which was waterproofed with oil on the surface. From the mid-19th century, natural rubber was also used to line  functional clothing. 100% waterproof and strong  functional clothing could first be manufactured with the invention of vulcanisation by Charles Goodyear. Functional clothing is now made from modern, synthetic fabrics, such as Gore-Tex or Sympatex - but it is still retains the old name "oilskin".


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