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Bags for sailors and water sports

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Bags are particularly useful for water sports, since a lot of equipment has to be transported. Specific bags, which are extra waterproof, are beneficial for water sports. Bags are generally used as a container to carry items. Bags are particularly needed for water sports to carry Sailing Clothing, Functional Clothing, Shoes & Boots, expensive Electronics and Navigation.

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Bags generally have a handle or strap. Depending on their type and purpose of use, bags are usually made out of leather or synthetic fibres (mainly Polyamide) and are relatively flexible. Larger bags are sometimes fitted with wheels.


There is a wide selection of bags in the boatoon.com online shop, from large travel bags, wheeled luggage, laptop bags and sea bags to suitcases, backpacks and wash bags - all the types of bags you need from well-known brands in different shapes and colours.