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Outboard engines for inflatables

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Outboard Engines

Your suitable outboard engine: Depending on the size of your inflatable boat, you can choose from a diverse range of outboard brands with varying power levels in the boatoon.com online shop. If you find it difficult to choose between the different varieties, then have a think about where you would like to use the inflatable boat and outboard engine. For example, an outboard engine with around five HP and tiller steering would be sufficient to use on a dinghy or bathing boat.

Outboard Engines for every type of boat


If you use a larger inflatable boat (approximately four meters or above) as a recreational boat or bathyscaphe, treat yourself to an outboard engine between 15 and 50 HP and with an external control lever. Always make sure that the weight of the outboard engine is suitable for your inflatable boat. You can also find environmentally friendly electric outboard engine in the boatoon.com online shop.


An outboard is an engine which is connected together with the transmission, gear box and propeller in a structural unit. In contrast to the inboard engine, the outboard engine is fitted to the boat externally and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few simple steps.

Outboard engines are often used in small motor boats and dinghies but can also be used as an auxiliary drive on sailing boats and yachts. Larger and more powerful outboard engines have been developed for racing. These are now also used for leisure activities. Smaller boats usually only have one outboard engine.

You can also find affordable Bundles: RIB and Outboard Engine in the boatoon.com online shop.