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Inflatable boat

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Inflatable Boat

An inflatable boat has become indispensable on board a cruising yacht. An inflatable boat is always by your side - whether as a toy for children, as a convenient means of transport to jetty on to land when you have anchored in a romantic bay, or as an additional lifeboat in the event of an accident. An inflatable boat can also be used as a typical beginner's boat. From small inflatable boats, which can be folded up in the boot of the car to be taken on holiday and can be rowed with paddles, to rigid-hulled inflatable boats with lots of horsepower. An inflatable boat up to five HP can even be driven without a license.

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When choosing your ideal inflatable boat, it is important to think carefully about what you want to use the inflatable boat for and how many people you want to take on board the boat. Keep in mind that you need a trailer and winter storage, depending on the size of the inflatable boat. Have a look at the products on offer in the boatoon.com online shop and find the right inflatable boat to suit your needs. You can also find suitable Outboard Engines and Bundles: RIB and Outboard Engine.