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Foldboats offer a variety of advantages compared to conventional boat types, which water sport enthusiast have come to appreciate since the first foldboats went into production around a hundred years ago. Of course, quality and construction have greatly improved over the years. Nowadays, foldboats are extremely versatile, high quality and multifunctional – as dinghy, small sailing boat or motorized with an outboard motor. This allows for longer cruises as well as off-shore use.

Transportable, convenient and flexible

The primary advantages of a foldboat are its mostly low weigh and compact dimensions. A foldboat can be disassembled and usually has a flexible hull which makes it especially easy to transport on the car roof or in a campervan – perfect also for long distance travel. Take your foldboat anywhere!

Immediately ready to go

Modern foldboats are usually assembled in just minutes and the boats can be launched into the water with little to no help – it’s so simple, anyone can do it! They have stable and safe handling characteristics on the water and offer surprising comfort. Exciting discovery tours at sea guaranteed!