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VHF Radios for boats and yachts

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VHF Radios

Very High Frequency (VHF Radios) refers to electromagnetic waves in a frequency range between 30 MHz and 300 MHz, corresponding to wave lengths between ten metres and one metre. VHF Radios at sea are comparable with a mobile phone on land. Not least because the further you move away from the coast line, the less likely your phone is to have reception.

VHF is the most elementary communication device for use at sea


VHF Radios are used to communicate between various receptors on board a ship, between two or more different ships, yachts or boats, or between a marine radio station and a land radio station. VHF Radios can be used to hold a short conversation between friends or answer an informational query such as a weather update, registration with locks and bridges, or the harbour master. The VHF Radios are also the primary device used to quickly call for help in case of an accident, incident or emergency at sea. If used properly, VHF Radios can save lives. That's why it's necessary to get a special VHF Radios license in order to properly master the devices and the radio traffic rules.