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AIS stands for "Automatic Identification System". AIS is a radio system which regulates and consolidates the safety and navigation of shipping traffic by exchanging navigation data and other information. AIS was adopted as a mandatory standard by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2000.

AIS regulates shipping traffic


In particular, AIS prevents collisions between ships, yachts or boats. With AIS, the position of your own boat as well as the position of surrounding vessels are displayed on an electronic map. From the positions, headings and speeds, the AIS determines whether your own course is safe or whether there is a risk of collision. High-quality AIS devices can estimate a collision risk and the time remaining until contact as well as suggest measures to take in order to prevent the collision. AIS also operates when there is flat land between two vessels, for example behind a cape or behind a bend in the river. AIS displays boat movements exactly as they are in reality.

Since 2004, all commercial vessels in the marine transport on international voyages with over 300 registered tonnage are required to have an AIS device and since 2008 it is required for commercial vessels on national voyages with over 500 registered tonnage. There is currently a discussion in Turkey over whether AIS should be made mandatory on recreational boats. The European part of the ISS - the Columbus Module - was fitted with an AIS receiver antenna in November 2009.

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