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Pressurised Water Pump

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Pressurised Water Pump

Pressurised water pump: always important on board is a pressurised water pump. Especially when cruising and on long sailing trips. Pressurised water pumps include drinking water pump systems, which make the tap water suitable for consumption. Pressurised water pumps also make scrubbing the deck a breeze.

Pressurised water pump - you can even find the right accessories from boatoon.com.


You can find more than just the right pressurised water pump in the boatoon.com online shop. Many types of accessories, such as pump filters, hoses and more, can also be found within this category. If your pressurised water pump gets broken or requires a new accessory, have a look in the boatoon.com online shop and search according to the appropriate pressurised water pump. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask the expert advisor in the online shop for the right pressurised water pump for you. Your sailing trips will become even more enjoyable!


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