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drinking water treatment

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drinking water treatment

Drinking water treatment: At sea but still unable to drink the water because of the salt content in the sea - it is a nightmare and is often portrayed in a dramatic scene in thrillers. In the boatoon.com online shop you can buy appropriate equipment for Drinking water treatment. Drinking on board is particularly important, especially to prevent sea sickness. The correct drinking water treatment helps to save space and money. Drinking water treatment specifically changes the water quality.

How does drinking water treatment actually work?


There are basically two main methods of Drinking water treatment: the removal of substances from the water (for example, drinking water treatment through purification, sterilisation, iron removal, water softening, seawater salt removal) and the supplementation of substances and setting parameters of the water (such as Drinking water treatment through dosing and adjusting the pH values, the dissolved ions and the conductivity). Drinking water treatment is an essential step in the production of drinking water for human consumption. A person needs at least two litres of water a day. The Drinking water treatment devices also make it quick and easy to stay fresh on board. Further products in Boat Equipment can be found in the boatoon.com online shop under the categories Refrigerators & Cooling Boxes, Level Indicators and Powerboat Accessories.