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Comfort on bord for boats and yachts

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For boatoon.com comfort does not just stand for all the things that make a yacht faster, bigger or more fashionable. It comprises much more - the small, fine amenities that make life on a yacht a little more comfortable and convenient. Comfort is not the main importance on board a yacht but it represents being able to treat oneself.

Bring comfort to your boat with boatoon.com!


For example, a folding bicycle that can be kept compact and can simplify a quick journey to the bakery on the marina or to the nearby city centre. Or comfy cushions, on which you can curl up and relax on the deck in the warm summer evenings.


Comfort even includes sun protection, such as a cover or sunshade. Browse all the products on offer in the Comfort section of the boatoon.com online shop and start to make your sailing holiday a little more luxurious.