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Boat-Theft Protection

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Boat-Theft Protection

Boat-theft protection: Boat-theft protection is particularly important as leisure boats and trailers and the equipment the are fitted with often amount to a high material value. The harbour police strongly advises to  protect boats and yachts with boat-theft protection. Boat-theft protection is especially worthwhile during periods when the boat is left unattended in a winter storage facility or when it is left in the marina for long periods in the summer. The aim of a Boat-theft protection system is to make theft more risky and therefore less inviting.

Protect your yacht with boat-theft protection  


Boat-theft protection: The boat itself can be protected with an alarm system with audible or visual warning signals. To some extent, installing such Boat-theft protection systems can be time-consuming. You can make it even harder for thieves by disconnecting the electrical equipment of the boat-theft protection to places known only to you, such as by a hidden switch.


Boat-theft protection also makes it possible to secure engines and fixtures. Small outboards are very popular with thieves. There is usually an outboard lock as boat-theft protection for these. If you do not leave the engine on or in the boat, then a boat-theft protection is less worthwhile. For practical boat-theft protection, the police advice you to leave the curtains open. A photo of the boat, after you have secured it with Boat-theft protection, is always useful. It is also useful to have a boat pass in which all the technical details of the on-board fittings and equipment can be recorded.


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