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Used boats by manufacturer and boat builder

Albin Boats - combining maritime needs with individual style

Albin Boats is synonymous with handcrafted sea yachts of the highest quality, timeless lines and sophisticated design. Albin Boats have been appreciated as yachts of the highest quality, reliability and extraordinary value for 100 years. The diesel-powered Albin Boats yachts are built without compromise and are known worldwide as seaworthy vessels that can handle even the toughest weather conditions. Whether family cruiser with comfortable accommodation or canyon rigging for the serious sport fisherman, Albin Boats has something suitable for everyone, combining maritime requirements with individual style.

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Aquanaut Yachting Holland - more than just a shipyard

Aquanaut Yachting Holland has been an established name on the water for 50 years in both the Netherlands and Europe. The Aquanaut shipyard with adjacent marina is located on an area of approximately 35,000 square meters in the heart of Sneek, the unique North Friesland water sports center. Aquanaut has over 50 highly qualified employees and produces up to 20 motor yachts per year, ranging from 9 to 17 meters. In total, more than 1250 yachts have already left the production halls. Six model lines with around 35 variations are constructed all under one roof, from the keel laying to the delivery. Aquanaut meets the strictest quality standards and is certified as being the first yacht shipyard in the Netherlands, according to ISO 9001.

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Assos - Created in cooperation with the owner

Assos: Some things are more personal than a yacht. The purchase of a yacht is both the realization of a lifelong dream as well as an expression of individuality and personality. The employees at Assos know that a successful yacht comprises of collaboration between the designers, boat builders and the owner.  The Assos team promises to integrate the owner in the design, planning and construction processes from the very beginning. After the successful launch of the yacht in the water the cooperation continues, ensuring that expectations are not simply fulfilled, but exceeded!

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Azimut Benetti Group - the brand for luxury motor yachts

Azimut yachts date back to 1969 when the young enterprising student, Paolo Vitelli Azimut , founded a charter sailboat agency, combining his passion for water sports with an interesting business model.

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Bavaria: a yacht miles ahead of the rest - in every respect

Since 1978 the German boatyard Bavaria has stood for high quality, stable value and an excellent cost-performance ratio. Over 3000 motor boats and sailing yachts set sail from Bavaria's boatyard every year, which is among the largest, most successful and efficient yacht construction companies in the world.

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Bayliner - Innovation in yacht production and design since 1957

Bayliner: Modest, with ambitious targets for growth. That's one way to describe the beginnings of today's global enterprise. The Bayliner story begins in 1950 with Orin Edson, a passionate boat racer and born entrepreneur.

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Beneteau - the yacht that's always on the skipper's side

Beneteau's  business philosophy requires maintaining a relationship with each customer based on a promise. Beneteau's  promise is to always invest their full energy and competence in fulfilling the brand's obligations and to consistently stand by the skippers. Their Beneteau mission is to inject new impetus into water sport, without ever forgetting that innovation must be in the interests of quality and that the professional Beneteau dealers must offer an impeccable service.

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Discover your boat at boatoon.com

A small boat is a vessel that floats on the water according to Archimedes' principle. There is a difference between motor and sailboats. A boat has a hull and is propelled by motors (motor boat / yacht), wind (sailing boat / yacht) or by muscle strength. A boat's hull can be made from wood, steel, plastic, fibreglass or even concrete and is sometimes made from a combination of these materials.

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Discover your cabin boat at boatoon.com

A cabin boat is a sailing boat or motor boat which has a cabin, in other words a living, resting or sleeping space.  A cabin boat is usually no longer than ten meters and is ideal for short weekend trips and day outings on inland waters, rivers and near the coast.  A motor boat is usually used as a basis for a cabin boat.  The navigation of a cabin boat and all of the controls and a small sleeping or sitting area is located inside the cabin.

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Chris Craft - Masterful since 1861

Chris Craft: Presidents and celebrities have explored rivers and lakes and even large bays and distant shores with Chris Craft motor yachts. The flawless beauty of these motor yachts, which look back on a long-established track record, can be described with the words comfort, luxury and elegance.

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Discover a real Classic with boatoon.com

Many boat enthusiasts especially like the so-called classic. This is a motor boat or sailboat which was manufactured before 1970 in a classic way. The commonly used materials are wood, aluminium or steel. The original boat must be fully preserved, in order to be a classic. Any subsequent amendments may be done, but only as part of a restoration. If modern equipment, for example, fittings and carbon sails were to be added to the boat, it would no longer be a classic, but a vintage yacht.

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Experience the variety of cruisers at boatoon.com

Cabin-cruiser, hard-cruiser, day-cruiser, express-cruiser ... there are many different versions of this special motorboat. All have the same intended use. The Cruiser is mostly driven at leisure. The size, price category and also the interiors vary as much as the number of model types. While a day-cruiser, for example, is not usually equipped with a cabin, they are still cabin-cruisers. Therefore, they are suitable for weekends and longer journeys, where the crew would stay on board.  Some shipyards who manufacture sailing boats have even designed and successfully established their own cruising line in the market. The travelling character steps into the foreground here, as opposed to sporty ambitious sailing.

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Discover your day cruiser at boatoon.com

The name day cruiser gives an insight into the use of the cruiser. A Day cruiser or, as it  is also known, weekender, is a small motor and sometimes even sailing boat. A day cruiser is approximately four to eight meters long and is very well suited for use on weekend trips. Depending on his size, a day cruiser can offer enough space for two to four water sports enthusiasts. Through intelligent, space-saving interior design, a day cruiser can include a kitchen, toilet and shower, dining table and even up to two sleeping cabins. The day cruiser is an easily trailerable boat. Weekend fun with a partner or with the whole family in inland and coastal waters is secured with a day cruiser.

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Dehler - the ultimate yacht experience

The name Dehler has been long established in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Dehler yachts are known for reliability, speed, high quality, long-lasting value and above all innovative design. For the past 40 years Dehler yachts have been made at the company's site in Mesched-Freienohl (Sauerland). Countless successes at elite regattas have proven that high performance is to be expected of both used and new Dehler yachts.

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Dufour - legendary sailing yachts made in France

Dufour in La Rochelle is one of the few French boatyards which dedicates its passion for boat construction solely to exclusive sailing yachts. The enthusiasm of Dufour's managers, designers, and employees is reflected in the perfection of their work. It is because of this kind of dedication that Dufour's name has spread throughout the world. Dufour devotes attention to the wishes, requirements and expectations of its customers and so offers each one the ultimate sailing experience.

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Elan: distinguished worldwide

Elan sailing yachts will win you over with their performance, comfort, quality, and reliability in a way that is second to none - they offer you the chance for ultimate Elan enjoyment. The creators of Elan yachts hail from a long tradition of boat design and construction: since 1949 boats of all kinds have been made in their Begunje boatyard. It is with great competence, originality and precision that Elan yachts are conceived, realised, and optimised. Thus these yachts fulfil the ideal requirements for passionate regatta-racers as well as for leisure-seeking captains. Designed by the renowned Rob Humphreys, Elan yachts enjoy worldwide success.  

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Discover your folding boat in boatoon.com

A folding boat is a collapsible boat, which consists of a flexible hull and a collapsible inner frame. The hull of the folding boat is made out of rubber or PVC and the deck is made out of a modern composite material. The framework of the folding boat mainly consists of wood or aluminium and plastic. The most common folding boat models are canoes or kayaks - but there are also rowing boats and dinghies.

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Frauscher - A Piece of Heaven

Frauscher : Their passion lies in the construction of motor yachts and boats that excite and inspire. That's why the Austrian Frauscher shipyard do their best to surprise and convince time and again in terms of quality, performance and design.

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Hallberg-Rassy - from rags to riches

The Hallberg-Rassy boatyard was already around when building boats meant using wood and individual structures. The Swedish boatyard Hallberg-Rassy has specialised from the start in comfortable sailing yachts suitable for longer cruises, and has to this day remained faithful to its founding concept with a strong engine, protected cockpit, large cruising range, and good sailing performance in maximum comfort. The exquisite Hallberg-Rassy woodwork creates a distinctive atmosphere.

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A Hanse is not just a yacht - it's a work of art!

Hanse: Decades of experience in the sailing scene have been invested in developing Hanse Yachts. At Hanse Yachts AG bright minds and busy hands bring together the elements of a Hanse yacht as harmoniously as a composer unites tones to create music. Founder Michael Schmidt personally sees to it that Hanse staff oversees the whole process from the first stroke to the final chord.

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Hobie Cat - Grown up from a dream and a few drawings in the sand

Hobie Cat: In the beginning there was a dream and some drawings in the sand. But one day in 1968, Hobart Alter, whose nickname is Hobie, from Capristano Beach in Southern California, renowned for revolutionary surfboard design and production, sketched what was to become the first mass produced beach catamaran in the world with asymmetric hulls: The Hobie Cat 14.  Hobie and his friends quickly began with small batch production in California. The Hobie Cat way of life conquered the world virtually overnight. Its beach catamarans Hobie Cat were a great success. The big brother of the Hobie Cat 14, the Hobie Cat 16, celebrated its debut in 1970.

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Discover your Inflatabel boat in the boatoon.com Marketplace

An inflatable boat is a boat with a tube as a hull or as an outer edge that is either made out of a plastic film, soft PVC, rubber-coated fabric or synthetic rubber.  An modern inflatable boat today has a hull made out of fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP). An inflatable boat is unsinkable and usually classified as a lifeboat.

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Jeanneau - The yacht brand that makes the difference

Jeanneau: A combination of 50 years of expertise in boat construction and the latest manufacturing techniques are key to the French company Jeanneau success. The shipyard Jeanneau is known for consistently investing in the latest technology in production facilities, as well as computer-aided process control, efficient delivery logistics and other continual improvements in efficiency, leading to lower prices and better quality products for the Jeanneau customers.

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Lagoon - not just a movie star

Lagoon is a part of the CNB department of the Beneteau group, the global market leader in the manufacture, development and production of sailing yachts. The French shipyard Lagoon offers an extensive range of cruising catamarans, designed by architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost. Both are characterized by unique achievements and accomplishments in the design of the popular sport multihulls, particularly in the regatta scene. Lagoon also developed the extraordinary trimarans for the Kevin Costner movie "Waterworld."

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Laser - the most loved racing boat

Laser: The two Canadians Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce toyed with the idea about how to build the best racing boat ever in 1969 - over a few beers. They made sketches of boats on countless napkins all of which had one thing in common:  they had to be easy to transport on the roof of a car. They experimented with weight transfer, sail area and the water line. After several attempts and through trial and error, the Canadians revolutionized the sailing world and created the world's most popular sailing dinghy: the Laser.

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Mochi Craft - uniqueness is a combination of passion and tradition

The Mochi Craft main building and production facilities are located in Forli, northern Italy.  The shipyard was purchased by the influential Ferretti Group in November 2001. Mochi Craft has been developing and building a fleet of luxury motor yachts from between 44 and 74 feet in length for almost 60 years.  Since the early days of Mochi Craft in the 1950s, the name of the shipyard has been known throughout the world for their robust motor yachts in the lobster-style, which are known for their good handling under all conditions at sea.  Even John F. Kennedy was the owner of a Mochi Craft luxury motor yacht, and was confident of its quality.

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Find your motor boat at boatoon.com

A motor boat is a watercraft that is powered by one or more combustion engines or electric motors. A larger motor boat is also called a motor yacht. Water sports enthusiasts drive a motor boat on both inland and coastal waters. Those driving a motor boat should note that from 3.68 kilowatts (five hp), at least one boating license is required. The legal requirements for attaining a driving license are based upon the nationality of the driver.

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Your motor yacht at boatoon.com

A boat which is driven by one or several engines is known as a motor boat, or if larger in size, a motor yacht. In contrast to motor boats, a motor yacht is usually seaworthy. A motor yacht is used for leisure purposes and can be lived in. A motor boat is called a motor yacht from about 15 meters length. The interiors range from simple cabins to luxury homes.

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Follow your heart and mind: choose Najad

Najad: Owning your own yacht can often mean a lengthy period of hard work and sacrifice, but it allows you to combine the endless freedom of the open sea with a total escape from reality – an unparalleled experience. Najad, the Swedish boatyard, understands these dreams, realises them, and unites practicality of usage with the highest safety standards. Conceived as an open sea yacht that can be easily sailed by just two people, the Najad yacht it is very much suited to sailing around the world. Because of the excellent design, exclusive boat craftsmanship and unbeatably long-lasting value of a Najad yacht, Najad customers need to make no compromises. 

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Nimbus Boats - the definition of motorboat history, development and performance

Nimbus Boats: boats, which even after years do not lose their value, quality and appearance, regardless of which model a customer chooses, whether the classic Sport Cruiser, the versatile Nova or the reliable Coupé Cruiser.

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Princess - the luxury motor yacht with heart

Princess: Founded in 1965 in Plymouth (UK), the British luxury yacht manufacturer Princess is unique in that it combines decades of experience with the highest design requirements. With its highest standards in boat design and construction, Princess has become the most prestigious name in the maritime world for motor yachts and boats. A feeling of royalty and luxury lies at the heart of Princess yachts. Their performance, coupled with the strictest security standards, have made Princess the market-leader in premium motor yachts. 

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Quicksilver - Life is now

Quicksilver: This innovative series of premium motor yachts is equally suitable for families, friends, and individuals. The limitless Quicksilver freedom and breathtaking enjoyment of sailing guarantee fun and spontaneity. With Quicksilver motor yacht speed fans can make their life active and enjoy it to the max without a care in the world. Life is now! With their flowing, dynamic lines the Quicksilver high speed motorboats invite you to embark on new adventures, to enjoy life, to create new memories, and to set off on a journey.

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Discover your RIB in the boatoon.com Marketplace

'RIB' stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat. A RIB features a hull made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). A RIB is typically unsinkable and, due to their offshore capabilities, it is often used as work or rescue boats.

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Riva - Masterpieces in design, material and absolute quality

Riva: Skilled Craftsmanship, unmistakable quality and an innovative yet functional design have always been the hallmark of Riva yachts. With meticulous attention to detail, any boat of the Riva series (whether 27 or 115 feet long) is brought to life with loving care. Riva is an ingenious, elegant and timeless beauty with the very highest specifications of design and performance.

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Find your sailboat in the boatoon.com Marketplace

A sailboat is a vessel that moves forward primarily through wind power. A sailboat is smaller than a sailing yacht. A sailboat shares characteristics with both dinghies, (they are stable), and yachts, (they are stable and have a keel). A distinction is made between monohulls and multihulls (catamarans and trimarans). A sailboat is a type of sport boat. The sailboat is mainly used for recreational or sporting activities, or even occasionally for representative purposes.

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Find your sailing yacht in the boatoon.com Marketplace

A sailing yacht is a vessel that moves forwards primarily through wind power. The difference between a sailing yacht and a sailboat is in its size. A sailing yacht usually starts from a length of about seven meters. A distinction is made between monohulls and multihulls (catamarans and trimarans). One of the longest sailing yacht in the world is up to 90 meters long. The term sailing yacht refers to a sailing ship that is mainly used for recreational or sporting activities, or even occasionally for representative purposes.

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Sea Ray - exceeds expectations

Sea Ray: Each motor yacht in the American shipyard Sea Ray mirrors the dedication, precision, innovation and craftsmanship of its team. Spacious cockpits flow into a well thought out cabin design. The design, details and materials of the motor yachts are tested and approved by maritime industry professionals. The result is a series of 17-61 foot yachts that offer the highest Sea Ray standards in aesthetics, engineering and technology.

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Discover your small boat at boatoon.com

A small boat is a vessel that floats on the water according to Archimedes' principle. There is a difference between a motor boat and a sailboat. In boatoon.com you will find a large selection of used and new small boats. Under our private and dealer offers, you are guaranteed to find the right small boat for yourself! Whether you are looking for an inflatable boat, dinghy, electric boat, canadian, kayak or canoe  - you will find something to meet your needs in the boatoon.com Marketplace.

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Discover your sport boat at boatoon.com

The expert would describe all boats that are used for sport and recreational activities as a sport boat. In an exhibition, the manufacturer would usually choose to display a sport boat, for representative purposes. Motor boats, sail boats, sailing yachts or motor yachts are counted as sport boats. The length, displacement or engine of the sport boat and the size of the crew does not play a role.

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Sunseeker - in pursuit of perfection and excellence

Sunseeker is a luxury brand with global strength and a track record of consistently defining new standards. The belief in innovation and the tireless pursuit of perfection means the boatyard Sunseeker never settles for second best. Sunseeker has steadily grown from its humble beginnings forty years ago. Today, Sunseeker has stabilised its position as one of the world's leading luxury motor yacht manufacturers. Sunseeker has an extensive network of dealers spanning the globe, providing worldwide service for a world-class brand.

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Nautor's Swan - a synonym for prestige and elegance

With over 40 years of experience in the construction of luxury yachts, the name Nautor`s Swan stands for prestige and elegance in sailing sports worldwide.

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Find the perfect tender for your yacht at boatoon.com

A tender is a boat that is towed or carried by a larger vessel. The tender is primarily used to transport the crew ashore, but it can also be used to transport passengers and goods, for the bringing up of the anchor, or for rescue at sea. The tender is carried on deck. Nowadays, the tender can be motorised.

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Wally - Gigayachts for pure luxury

Wally: The giga and mega yachts shipyard, Wally Yachts, is based in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In 1994, the Italian businessman Luca Bassani founded the Monegasque company that is well known, famous, and respected for its luxury Wally mega and Wally giga yachts. The range includes both motor and sailing yachts. The ship models were developed and furnished by designers including Luca Brenta, Bruce Farr and Philippe Starck.

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Wally - Gigayachts for pure luxury

The giga and mega yachts shipyard, Wally Yachts, is based in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  In 1994, the Italian businessman Luca Bassani founded the Monegasque company that is well known, famous, and respected for its luxury mega and giga yachts.  The range includes both motor and sailing yachts.  The ship models were developed and furnished by designers including Luca Brenta, Bruce Farr and Philippe Starck.

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Discover your weekender at boatoon.com

The name weekender gives a hint about the intended use of this vessel. A weekender is a small motorboat, about four to eight feet long, which is well suited for use on weekend trips. Depending on its size, the weekender offers enough space for two to four people. Through intelligent interior design, even in a smaller weekender a tranquil kitchen, toilet and shower, dining table and up to two sleeping cabins can be found. A trailer can easily be attached to a weekender. Weekend fun with a partner or with the whole family in inland and coastal waters are perfectly suited for this boat. The term day cruiser is used to describe the weekender.

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X-Yachts: Xperts in yacht construction

The Danish boatyard X-Yachts designs and manufactures exclusive yachts for those with an appreciation and passion for sailing. X-Yachts´ mission statement is to provide its customers with the true pleasure of sailing, through an uncompromised combination of performance, quality and design in all areas: Cruising Yachts, Performance Yachts (sporty, committed sailing for the advanced) and Regatta Yachts (racing).

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Find your dream yacht with boatoon.com

A yacht is (today) a vessel used for sport and/or recreational purposes, and comes equipped with a deck and a cabin. A motor yacht and a sailing yacht can be distinguished according to their driving mode. The defining element of a yacht, as opposed to a dinghy, a firm, keel with ballast.

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