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About boatoon

boatoon is a user-friendly water sport portal where you can buy, among many other things, quickly and easily all categories of boats and equipment and in turn sell them. How easy it is we would love to explain to you.


Buying boat equipment

The boatoon shop offers a wide range of technical boat equipment. Use the search field to search for manufacturers, categories or products. If you find a product of your choice use the product detail page for more information. At any stage you are free to call on of our well trained customer support personel. All of them are trained and can help you with questions to the offered product.

If you do not find the right product please contact our support team at +49 (0)30 609 899 284 or at support@boatoon.com


Looking for a boat?

Whether used or new, you find the boat of your dreams on boatoon. If you want to buy a boat, please select the menu item MARKETPLACE. In the search box that appears, you have the ability to restrict the search on a type of boat (motor boat, sailing boat, small boat). Furthermore it is open to you to select a specific manufacturer or a desired model and to diversify the price and length of the boat.

That is not enough? You definitely want a refrigerator or you prefer a special motor? Then please refine your search under the field "Additional search criteria”.

From the results of your search, you can now call interesting boats in the details view. If you want to suggest someone a boat on boatoon, give him the boatoon identification number (ID). These can be found in each advert just above the price. The good about that: This number is directly accessible from each ad to the search box. To records worthwhile.

About the detailed view of the boats you also have the opportunity to contact the seller of the boat directly and immediately make an offer to buy.


Offer a boat for sale

On boatoon you can offer all types of new and used boats for sale. The user-friendly interface as well as the high design and picture quality of boatoon offers you the best service for your boat sales. In order to create ads for boats and equipment, you need to register once at www.boatoon.com.

Boats for sale

Push your boat in the perfect light: boatoon offers you the chance to present your boat in a few simple steps in the best way for the buyer. The menu item MARKETPLACE will take you through the selection of sub-menu to the boatoon sales area.

In the following steps, you now have many options to wake the purchasers’ interest for your boat by present your boat description – such as boat length or motor type. Remember: The more you describe your boat, the faster it will be found by interested parties.


Charter a boat

Have a great vacation and charter a boat in the best destinations around the globe.

To find your boat for a perfect holiday go to the charter section. It is allways the easiest to search for a destination first and then narrow down your search for example by the number of cabins.

Contacting a charter operator

In every boat detail page you can find a request form. Use this to contact the charter operator by sending your prefered traveling time. The operator will get an email with your contact details and information regarding the boat and time. He will sent you offers then directly.


Offering a charter boat

If you have a boat for charter please use the "Offer Charter boat" section. It is free of charge to create an offer. Please provide as many information as possible to attract a maximum of potential new customers.